Developmental Baby Massage

Developmental Baby Massage from 8 weeks to crawling
(Stage Two)

There are two stages to our Developmental Baby Massage courses dependant on the age of your little one, all techniques have been  developed by the International School of Developmental Baby Massage and Movement.

Touch is your newborn’s first language, it is their prime means of communication and plays an essential role in forming of the parent-child relationship. Massaging your baby allows you to express emotional affection and to fulfil your baby’s need for physical contact.

There are a couple of Developmental Baby Massage techniques that have proven to be extremely effective when dealing with babies who suffer from colic. Other benefits of massage are both, emotional and physical, so your baby will achieve all-round well-being, please read my blog for further information the benefits of Developmental Baby Massage.

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The benefits of Developmental Baby Massage

The natural birth process is the equivalent of the strongest massage a baby is likely to ever receive during the course of a lifetime. The depth of contractions during labour, and the length of time through which they are applied, constitute a profound introduction to the benefits of baby massage ...
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Classes will combine Developmental Baby Massage with a chance to sing some nursery rhymes and for parents to chat . You will need to bring massage oil and a towel to the class, please note you do not need to have attended Stage One to attend Stage Two. Please not there will be times when this course runs in the same course as Stage One.

Developmental Baby Massage from 8 weeks to crawling will focus on:

  • Baby Massage – Techniques and strokes are demonstrated to parents using a teacher’s doll, with emphasis on loving touch, and responding to baby’s cues and communication through the class
  • Infant Development –  joint flexibility, muscular strength and coordination improving your baby’s circulatory, respiratory rhythms, back strength and overall muscle tone
  • The Enteric (“Baby Brain”) and the Central Nervous Systems

Therapeutic Play to Relieve Stiff and Floppy Baby Syndromes focusing on:

  • Early intervention and physical enablement
  • Motivation and movement cranial neuroplasticity
  • Gravity and centralised movement
  • Remedial touch massage and movement to relieve “Stiff and Floppy” baby syndrome.

Infant Balance and Good Posture focusing on:

  • Primary preparation for sitting and standing using gravity assisted techniques for stronger structural foundations focusing on your baby’s transitions from sitting positions to squatting, crawling, standing and eventually walking.
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