Newborn Developmental Baby Massage

There are two stages to our Developmental Baby Massage courses dependant on the age of your little one, all techniques have been  developed by the International School of Developmental Baby Massage and Movement.

Touch is your newborn’s first language, it is their prime means of communication and plays an essential role in forming of the parent-child relationship. Massaging your baby allows you to express emotional affection and to fulfil your baby’s need for physical contact.

The benefits of massage are both, emotional and physical, so your baby will achieve all-round well-being, please read my blog for further information on why touch is important.

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Why is touch important in babies?

The emotional benefits of touch through baby massage It has been proven that the physical action of touch and skin on skin contact eases muscular tension in newborn babies. It is known to calm the emotions and helps to relieve some of the trauma and anxiety associated with birth and ...
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Our classes will also include a chance to chat and socialise with other parents and to sing some nursery rhymes. Your baby will be clothed throughout the massage section therefore massage oil is not required.

Please note young babies may not tolerate more then 20 minutes of a structured 50 minute class. So please do not be disheartened and feel you have to participate in all the activities in the class.

Be aware that there will be times when this course runs in the same course as Stage Two.

Emotional intelligence and a loving touch from birth to 8 weeks will focus on:

  • Developing a loving touch, secure holding, and safe tummy time
  • Promoting overall good reciprocity to facilitate parent-infant bonding and attachment
  • Remedial touch techniques to relieve intra-uterine and difficult birth experience
  • Holding and stroking techniques prior to full massage to relieve physiological flexion and abdominal tension and promoting safe tummy time
  • Techniques to release the phrenic nerve and diaphragm and improve respiration
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