Soft gymnastics play

From 4 months to 14 months old

NatalChoices Soft Gynmastics Play sessions are completely baby-led and have been created to enable further bonding time with your child in a playful and fun environment. Our aim is to provide an instructor led class on a pay as you go basis, we options to book a block of sessions for small saving.

All techniques have been developed by the International School of Developmental Baby Massage and Movement, and arranged by us at NatalChoices Ltd.

Our playful soft gymnastic sessions allow you to express emotional affection and to fulfil your baby’s need for physical contact, as with our baby massage courses.

If you are interested in baby massage, there are a couple of Developmental Baby Massage techniques that have proven to be extremely effective when dealing with babies who suffer from colic. Other benefits of massage are both, emotional and physical, so your baby will achieve all-round well-being, Please read my blog for further information about the benefits of Developmental Baby Massage.

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The benefits of Developmental Baby Massage

The natural birth process is the equivalent of the strongest massage a baby is likely to ever receive during the course of a lifetime. The depth of contractions during labour, and the length of time through which they are applied, constitute a profound introduction to the benefits of baby massage ...
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Classes will combine aspects of our Developmental Baby Massage course regarding posture and balance with nursery rhymes, Makaton sign and play, all with a chance for parents to chat. Our sessions are designed to encourage a more confident, physical and emotional relationship between baby and parents.

You will be required to bring a blanket with you and wear comfortable clothing.

NatalChoices Soft Gymnastic Play sessions will focus on:

  • Infant Development –  joint flexibility, muscular strength and coordination 
  • Early intervention and physical advancement – builds self confidence and good body image
  • Tummy time with assisted stretches and soft gymnastics 
  • Infant balance and posture – primary preparation for sitting using gravity assisted techniques
  • Structured play with sensory elements
  • Makaton sing and sign
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